Saturday, December 31, 2011

Compilation Life Journal of 2011

The year 2011 of accomplishing goals is about to end soon. A day left to wrap up all the ideas, resolutions, plans & memories. How all these being execute that making our life changes? Moi love how inspired we all feel at the dawning of new year, a former year that full of hope, thoughts, goals, problem & obstacles but yet we still make thru it by hook or by crook :P

So, what's up with this new 2012 upcoming year to come. Will this be the year to actually make another new resolutions come true though? InsyaAllah, definitely we'll try our level best to make it all happen :) 

Lets wrapping up the 2011 year nicely in our memories box...


Start off January with laughter & sorrow :( Celebrating New Year Eve with bestie & her not-so-new flame Mr.BF, Yeq @ Marche, the Curve. Seed's Bday. Outing with families lil-brotha W'day preparation, besties, friends & trainees all the way in January. They such lovelies. Love.

Good things happened and not-so-good either. But towards the end, things get back on track. With Allah swt, all plans went smoothly. Alhamdulilah :) Brother W'Day preparation, frequent of BFF meet up, setting nu reso & plans for 2011. Read HERE


Month that filled with lotsa love love love yo :) There lotsa sengal-sengaling moment too. Family trippy. Aqua-activity. Tie-a-knot ceremony. Mommy-wannabe day out. 


MARCH 2011

Joyous month. Bestie B'day, Missy Put. 1st opening short trippin, Singapore. Girls getaway. Bestie's son B'day, Se Norita. Red-day.

APRIL 2011

Month to celebrate both of moi's sibling, Adek & Eisya. 1st time selling pre-loved at Kutu Market. Awesome :) Launching our 1st online & offline pre-loved, The Rocketeer Chic'kas. Kiddo momento at Fun Kids, Curve. Shit happened with hair-do :(( Bad decision. 

MAY 2011

Yeayyy...months of waiting for 1st BIG trip to KOREA. 

JUNE 2011

Half year oredy? how time flies pretty fast :( Celebrating Kikiep & Mya B'day :)

JULY 2011

Our 2nd half of the year filled with another trippy. Yeayyy to next getaway, Bali :) Joining Mc'D marathon @ Dataran Merdeka and Celebrities Run. Weekly tea-time girls meet up @ Marche. Movie marathon with Munie. 


Blessing month of Ramadhan. Iftar with besties & officemate & x-schoolmate. Foot therapy. Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  


Month of love-life changing. No more Solomon though moi pretty good being in singledome :P Hope to be happier. Ameen.



Fave month ever. Moi's Bday. 3rd trip of the year, Jakarta. Self-reward as b'day gift :) S.i.l B'day + Bestie B'day. Yayangkin best buddy wedding.


Trip balik kg with Mr Yayangkin to celebrate Aidil-Adha. 


Finale month. Festive season. Big-sale. E'day preparation. Getting ready to analyse reso that being setup in early stage of this year. Prepared for upcoming new year 2012 trippy...yeayyy to go yo :P 

new yr eve 

Bye-bye 2011...thanks for cherish momento <3

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