Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #Volume 17

Happy Not-So-Wordless Wednes ladies,

Last night moi met up with E'planner a.k.a Mr Yayangkin b.i.l, ohh dearie his workpiece was awesome. The mini dais & hantarans were beyond moi's expectation. So overwhelm. After discusssion, moi just found out that he was a wedding planner for Dato Sheikh Muzzafar & Dr. Halina. No wonder la. He's so perfectionist. Moi kinda worried with that kind of splurging touch, mane ahkak nk cekau duit dek nun oiiii but Alhamdulilah he's really kind and understanding, no surcharge for the service but only for the cost of the deco like fresh flowers and manpower which is really affordable and within our budget. Not within our budget, its more like he try to adjust and fit in to the budget that we can make it. For moi, its more like amal jariah from him :) Ohh my, shud moi be thankful and grateful to be honoured & sponsored by one of the finest wedding planner of the former year. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, terima kasih banyak2 di atas segala yang dipermudahkan :)

Hok gaya gini nye pelamin, verangan je mampu :P

Gleeful. Contented. Syukran :)

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