Thursday, January 19, 2012

E' Update to be updated :)

Hi lovelies...

Just a quick update on E' checklist element no.3 :: MUA ::

Lepas tried few trials, moi hv decided to choose this talented guy to do the make up on E'day nanti. Hasil keje sgt teliti dan kemas & manage to tone down feature muke moi and yg paling penting he selalu noted & alert every single preference atau comment made by client which is moi super liking it. Susah ok bile jadi fussy messy ni :(( seriously, moi tgh cari MUA yg offer good deal murah plus hasil keje yg setanding dengan MUA yg charge nye agak pricey for my own liking :((

Maybe sebab all these MUA(s) dah ade nama so definitely their services need to be high above the rank la kan. Takpela. Ahkak tak sanggup nak hadap bayar service make up yg ade sampai makan libu. Waduh kok mahal bangat seh :P 

Alhamdulilah, i came across this young talented guy bile my bestie Se Norita gigih mengoffer complimentary make up session with him. She asked me to give a try with no charge at all. Sungguh baik hati kamu ini ke mmg dh noted yg aku super broke hasil percutian aritu hahaha :P Anyway, he's a regular saloner utk bestie moi ni. 

Jom tgk his piece of artwork. His service of make up + hairdo sgt affordable just below rm200. 

Most of the MUA(s) their price for makeup normally range from rm300 - rm1k ye. Itu belum masuk set rambut & tudung veil bagai. Maunye dkt rm500 hoccay! *fengsan :D 

Lets transform muke bujur besen moi ke arah yg lebey menawan phleaseee :P

Love this subtle look yet elegant. Less is definitely way to go :) 

Jom trial set rambut plak :)) Ni testing aje...nnt on E'day kite buat different bun ye :)) yang lagi manis dan yummilicious gitu :P

Right side view

Left side view

Upside view

Backside right view

Backside left view

Alhamdulilah moi is so gleeful with the finale outcome and even after few hrs lps make up moi pegi keje pon, it turns out even matte & nicer :)

Wlpn its pretty last min, moi manage to pull it off with right choice dan yg penting its worth every penny that moi spend. Thanks Se Norita. You hv helped a lots. Hanya Allah swt yg membalasnye :))

Later moi update teaser. Mini dais InsyaAllah E'planner nk setup esok. Hantaran plak on Saturday nnt. Definitely will update soon about it. 

Doakan saya ye bloggers sekalian semoga everything runs smoothly. Ameen :)