Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, the 13th - HyppTV Moonlight Movies Night

Salam Friday,

Hey guys, jom ramai2 bercanda menonton movies secara marathon esok. To those Streamyx & Unifi subscribers in KJ, PJ & Bangi *we are so lucky yo to be invited to watch 3 movies under the moonlight :P

The best part is it is FREE. Yeayyy! Now, what you can do is just lay down and chill under the moon with yr lovelies family, gf, bf or even besties BFF and watch 3 exciting movies back to back...sungguh menarik!

So, lets be together-gether tomolo, here the details:

Time : 6pm onwards
   Date   : 14 January 2012
Venue   : Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, Indoor Arena

How to get invited:
1. What is HyppTV Moonlight Movies Night?

    HyppTV Moonlight Movies Night is an outdoor 3-movie-marathon. It is by-invitation only event to all UniFi subscribers and Streamyx subscribers residing in Klang Valley. Streamyx invitees are only in selected locations which are:
    1. Kelana Jaya
    2. Petaling Jaya
    3. Bangi

    2. How do I get the invitation?
      Invitation will be sent via email to your preferred email address and SMS invites to account holder registered mobile number.

      3. What if I do not get the invitation?
        You can provide the UniFi account/ Streamyx account at the entrance for verification to get the passes.

        4. What do I do with the invitation?
          Please bring along the printed email or the SMS invite to enter.

          5. When and where can I redeem my passes?
            Passes redemption will start at 6.00pm onwards at the entrance of Indoor Arena,Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort on the event day, 14 January 2012.

            6. How many people can I bring along?
              One(1) UniFi account entitled for four(4) passes.
              One(1) Streamyx account entitled for two(2) passes.
              One(1) contest winner entitled for two(2) passes.
              One(1) MSN contest winner entitled for four(4) passes.

              7. Can these passes be transferred?
                Yes, and letter transfer is required upon redemption.

                8. I heard about this event from the radio/newspapers/magazine.  How do I get the invitation?
                  There are a few ways to get the passes to HyppTV Moonlight Movies Night.

                    - Contest is on 12 Dec 2011

                    b. FlyFM, HotFM and OneFM
                      - Contest runs from 5 Dec 2011– 12 Jan 2012(On air and cruisers)

                      c. Unreserved Contest
                        - Contest will be published on 9 and 23 Dec 2011

                        d. 8TV Quickie Live contest
                          - Live contest from 11- 13 Jan 2012

                          e. Everyone Connects contest
                            - Contest runs from 3 - 6 Jan 2012

                            f. KLUE Online contest
                              - Contest is on 4 – 10 Jan 2012

                              Jgn lupe bwk pelapik vontot sama bantal peluk sebab movies end arnd 1.30am, just 20mins interval in between movies... 

                              Oorite then, see you there. 

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