Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hantaran: Her to HIM

Hi lovelies,

As agreed by both families, dulang hantaran from pihak moi to pihak Mr Yayangkin adalah 7 berbalas 5. Paling mininum gitu :) Itu pun last min, moi still kena tambah 1 lg barang sebab E'planner inform barang utk dulang manisan sikit. Manisan refering to candies, cookies & box of choc :P Bile moi pegi usha during the making of hantarans tu, then br terkezut ayoyoyo the dulang hantarans pon super size ka? No wonder xcukup huhuhu :)

Anyway, moi is so in love with the hantarans. The decoration meets moi nye spec & expectation cume x expect the size of dulang yg gedabak itu :) but still moi just loving it. Amazing piece of artwork. No wonder Sheikh Muzaffar & Dr Halina chose you guys to be their wedding planner. Its because of how sincere you work. Not just for the sake of making profit but also the commitment & passion you guys put into it. Bravo E'planner. 

So, hantaran moi to him includes 1:tepak sirih, 2: Kain persalinan 3: Buah Kundur manis 4: Famous Amos cookies & Box of Disney chocolate & 3 stick of candies & polkadot apams 5: Ferraro Roche 6: Fondant cake 7: Greenish fruits (apples, pears & grapes)

All hantarans were specially deco by Iqmal, E'planner. He used fresh flowers as requested by moi to be in the same color code supaya nampak synchronize. Theme in greenish, yellowish, blueish off white :) Cuma gune different types of fresh flowers je to indicate the difference in between our hantarans. 

#1: Tepak Sirih

#2: Kain persalinan

#3: Buah Kundur Manis

#4: Disneyland choc, 3 stick of candies, 3 packets of FA cookies & box of polkadot apams 

#5: Ferraro Rocher

#6Fondant Cake 

#7: Greenish fruits 

Alhamdulilah, 4 out of 7 items have been sponsored by moi's aunties & cousin wife. Special thanks to aunty for the fondant cake, thanks maklong for the polkadot apams, thanks makngah for the kundur manis and thanks kak zura for the cookies & candies. 

The rest of the items macam fruits, disneyland choc & FR choc moi beli.  Moi sgt bersyukur sebab hantaran utk 7 dulang never cost moi a fortune. Rezeki Allah swt sangat melimpah ruah. Syukran ya habibi :)


  1. salam..i suka tgk gubahan hantaran2 ni..can i get contact no of this person..

    1. wslm...bole email kt sy sy emailkn :)