Monday, March 26, 2012

Pameran Pengantin 2012 @ PICC

As Salam & Hola...


Hi lovelies B2B semua, its been a while now moi tak update any latest info about my timeline wedding progress :'( Ade amendment to "Akad & Nikah" and Reception date. Most probably wedding this coming Oct will be postponed to next year 2013. 

InsyaAllah. Kena thorougly discuss with both families dulu sbb xde official discussion lagi regards the changes. Mungkin takde masalah sbb both our families quite understanding. 

To be honest, initial plan moi propose the reception in Dec tp both families nak cepatkan in Oct, so moi just agree but then preparation towards it sgt rushing. Bile discuss with Mr Yayangkin, he did mention if nak postpone so that we got ample time. Moi just agreed. 

Okla, jom next weekend kite terjah Pameran Pengantin kat PICC, Putrajaya. Details kat atas ok :)

Dah dekat dgn umah Mr. Yayangkin so bole la singgah Alamanda bechenta sat :P Dah lama tak jimba-jimbaroo kt sana. 

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  1. Congrats on your wedding. Happy to hear that and good for you. Hope you have a good life.