Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: F.O.S & Mattel Warehouse 2012

Hi lovelies...

As early as 8am, Mr Yayangkin so eagerly texted moi "its 8am, lets tranform and rollout" katenye amboi boi boi :P sungguh enthusiastic skli.  Anyway, it was all about yesterday nye activity. Pagi-pagi sabtu kiteorg adalah bermarathon di Warehouse Clearance Sale organised by F.O.S dan Mattel :)

Lets review and share useful tips on 1st #F.O.S Warehouse Sale dulu ye...

1# The Warehouse sale ni dekat area Temasya Industrial Park Shah Alam. Dekat kawasan kilang2. Quite easy to find even thou we're not really familiar dgn S.A. Thumb up for trusting our own nagivation of direction and not GPS. Sengal ko GPS ntah ke mana2 ko nagivate :P Sungguh sesat barat Hahaha sengal :D 

2# Kindly early arrived at the venue. 1st reason sbb xramai org sgt so easy to select good piece of clothes sbb most of the baju2 bole dikatakan mixture of outdated junkie sampah sarap bermutu tinggi :P So, yes. You need to be selective in choosing the good piece from the junk :P even thou the price as low as rm1, rm3 and mostly 70 percent off. Still kena pandai pilih ok.

3# Oleh kerana nama pon warehouse, harusla the compound area adalah sangat besar betul? Harusla berpuluh2 tray baju yg perlu dihadap betul? So, here the tips yg quite useful if korg btul2 xmoo miss out any trays. 1st, set strategi mcm follow maze. Dari edge straight to one end then start from outer corner tu straight back to the front balik. Faham kot. Hahaha xreti nk explain secara textual ni :P   

4# Normally, moi akan choose baju dlm 2 sizes cth between XL and L. Amek je dulu. Later baru cari port then catu mane sesuay. 

5# Be a selective shopper, wlpn murah but still kena consider whether beli sbb nak pakai atau beli sbb gile vaviss murah but end up tak pakai pon nnt :P so tepuk kepala tanye otak hahaha :P amboi ko Ain!!!

Ok, tu je tips yang terpikir skrg ni. Bolehla dr takde lgsg kan huhu :P Jom layan pictures plak :) 







The total spending dlm rm87.30. Ade 15 pieces of mixtures clothes from H&M undergarments dlm 5 helai haha :P Docker pant & olive ladies pant, 2 kemeja, 5 shirts, socks. Hooyeah good deal huh! :) Syukur on penjimatan terhebat hikhik :D 

Yet moi so glad sbb lotsa big size clothing wear for Mr Yayangkin too. Not just for moi je. Yeayyy we can share the funness together :P 

Next venue #Mattel Clearance Sale pulak :D

#1- Mattel is dedicated for parents yg ade kids newborn to below 12yrs. Mostly byk toys from Fisher price, Disney Pixer such as CARS & Winnie the Pooh etc, ade educational toys like sing-a-ma-jigs etc. 

2# -The actual price stated sgt exaggerate meaning actually xdela mahal sgt pon. Contoh playgym Fisher price kt market luar Toy R Us dlm rm170 je then jual kt warehouse rm160. But other toys for boys mcm CARS kt Toy R Us dlm rm120 kt warehouse just rm30. So, if you guys jenis parents yg up to date pasal yr kids nye toys you cant be fooled and you simply know what the best deal & best toys yg betul2 worth it utk dibeli. So, be an updated parents ye dan jgn mudah terpedaya tetipah tetipu hoccay!!! #Advise mcm ahkak ade anak 8 uolss...acah2 cam gud2 je bole hikhik :P

3# - Moi noticed nature warehouse ni, ramai org suke main amek je byk2 toys letak dlm big bag/box then lepak tepi baru sorting ape yg nk dibeli. Contoh amek 20 brg beli 3 je. Hmm, bole consider as strategy wlpn being such a selfish lil bastard. Who cares? Yg penting, dpt shopping mainan utk anak2 mcm org gila. Harsh i know but its just true izit? :P Org xde anak maybe tak faham keoveran excitedness tu kot hikhik :P

4# - Last skli, if ade budget besar bole borong byk2 then resale balik. Dapat la buat bisnes untung2 skit ye dak. Hehe :) Okla, anyway, moi just beli 2 dolly yg bercakap2 tu rm15 je satu. Mr Yayangkin such a schweeet asu beli CARS utk nephews2 nye :D

Pictureque time. Jom tgk the madness ni :P

















Lebar senyuman ahkak lps soping wlpn dh berbecak dlm warehouse yg panas ittew :P Hikhik ok next entry cerita plak kejadian Spa yg sengal. Oh after marathon warehouse ade appointment spa beli kt i love discounts gan bestie Se Norita. Next entry la cite ek :)

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