Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Vow

Hi all,

Semlm after work, moi've planned to watch movie with significant other but apparently things happened in between the transaction. Still, moi proceed to watch movie with bestie instead. 

Weird thing happen here. Initially, moi booked John Carter at 9.15pm but then after bought the tic baru perasan the tic stated The Vow. Erk? Xpela. Belum tengok this movie yet so its not really a big deal. The Vow. True story about love. Actually, movie ni diadaptasi from novel. So, ceritera dlm novel lg intense lg precise lg bestla kan :) 

Anyway, after watching the Vow, during bedtime otak & hati moi mula bercollaborate between each other. Banyak soalan hati yg otak xbole nak answer and vise-versa. In the end, everything goes blank :( Hati mula bertanya "Bahagiakah Aku"? After several months being hitched, there lots of things keep coming to the the heart...asking and seeking for some answers. Answers that need to be answered. 

After few months...update on 27 May, 03:18am.

Draft basi ni dh lama pending and br skrg tetibe moi rasa nak update. So, now persoalan hati dh terjawab. Answers that clarified the feelin of doubtness. Hati & otak dah mampu bercollaborate as good teamwork to find the concrete reason. Bravo. Decision had been made and alhamdulilah hati & jiwa lebih tenang. To be honest, dengan apa yg dh berlaku, the normal symptom yg perlu dihadap seperti bersedih meroyan meratap bagai adalah bersifat nil. It's kinda weirdo when neither is happening. Right after falldown, moi just wake up and keep moving with no turning back. No. Just move forward. 

Apparently, things get really fine. Sangat sangat fine up to the level yg moi rasa there's  nothing happen. Shit happen but it vanished in a split second je. Sometimes, thing can get really puzzle. Why am i not in the melancholy mode? Why? Nape tak sedih ni? Adakah hati sekeras batu atau its just not yet has to be defined as love. 

To you. Not so significant no more. I'm glad we ended it. I got no idea why i aint feel sad or regret about it. It feels good instead. Relieved. Pretty much contented. Gleeful. Hmm thot i will crash and hurtful but nayy it wasnt happen at all. Terima kasih Allah swt utk hati yg kuat dan tegar ini. Highly appreciated. 

After all the bad reviews about you, gosh i wish i knew about it bit earlier. Wasted :"( Knowing the actual true color generally by time. You aint got so many colors after all. Condemning & complaining is just the skill that you specialize. I got tip for you, maybe its time for you to stop for a sec to look at other ppl slackness and start to focus on yours instead. I dont think big mirror can really help. Look at you from the inside. Look at you closely from the outside view too. Ask yrself what's you and what to expect in life. Feed the brain with positive energy. Be around positive ppl. Be sincere in everything you do. Kite hidup biar humble & sedar diri. Jangan ade sikap arrogant bodoh sombong tak bertempat. If kacak mcm Aaron Aziz lain cerita tapi ishh still xperlu kot. Be humble. Be grateful. Stop condemning. Its pointless sbb later end up making a fool of ourself. Tak bagus perangai cmtu. Belajar takde la tinggi sgt so xperlu nk mcm bagus mengalahkan professor madya segala. Bukan niat nak menghina and whats not tapi hidup ni biar menunduk ke tanah drp mendongok ke langit. After all kite semua hanya khalifah. Hamba Allah swt so just try to be better di sisinya and InsyaAllah you find the true happiness. Amin.  

p/s: All this while i've been silent and stay put but it seems that you are not handling thing in proper matured adult way. Pity :( And pretty please stop bugging my family. Stop called/texted my mom. You made a decision so be firm and truthful. I pray for you to find happiness and kindly move on with integrity. 

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