Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadhan 2012


Alhamdulilah dah masuk hari ke 5 kite berpuasa dan officially today adalah 3rd day untuk moi menjalani ibadah puasa ni. Ai maklum isu kewanitaan :D Anyhoots, these few days moi tak bape nk sihat. Musim demam kaedahnye :P But alhamdulilah things get better. 

Maka al-kisahnye di kesempatan ni, moi nak wish to all of our Muslim brothers & sisters may this holy month will bring us togetherness, may strengthen our faith & imaan to Allah swt. 

May we all purify the souls & hearts and hoping to demolish all of our sins. Amin :) 

This year nye Ramadhan moi dah simpan niat suci dan murni tak moo membazir tak ketahuan. Tak nak lagi bernafsu naga time membeli-belah di pasar ramadhan a.k.a param :P Biar mcm mane kuat pon pukauan penjual2 kat param tu but nehe nehe ahkak mampu menahan godaan. Bravo. Haha :)

So, akhir kata Selamat berpuasa, beriftar & bersahur dan beramal ibadah dengan seikhlas hati ye.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Marche Card Member's Day ( 7th - 8th July 2012 )

Marche Card member day is back! Awesomeness. Moi is such a friggin member who loves to drop by Marche for free beverage. Each and every time bile berjimba kt Curve without failed. Yup, sometime bile dh penat cuci mata kt flea market curve terus pegi terjah Marche for free drink...ohh boy im lovin it :P So yeah...this weekend there will be 30% Off discount for members only and in conjunction with this special member day, Marche is also launching the Marche Fresh Rewards program where members on this day get a free discount booklet (48 discount vouchers inside to enjoy). It's the biggest customer appreciation rewards program they ever launched since late Dec, 2004. After this, the booklet will be opened to the public with a spending of RM60 above in a single transaction. Lets get our ass to Marche :)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Danger is near home :(

Subhanallah...recently byk betul crime area damansara/petaling jaya. Moi dah tak rasa selamat stay kt area neighborhood ni :( 

Paling terrifying bile memikirkan yg moi adalah golongan2 wanita yg budget sungguh independence  dan suke settle certain perkara or run errands sesorang. Lebih selesa. Tak perlula bergedik sgt kan if setakat nk g beli barang dapur pon siap nk bwk geng bus sekolah. Betul? Ape? Tak betul? Bahaya? Yes, skrg mmg sgt bahaya. Macam2 bende jadi bile akhir zaman ni :( One of the crime yg paling latest kat Tesco Ampang pasal wanita yg about to kena rompak & almost jadi mangsa rogol. Ya Allah, simpang malaikat 44. Minta simpang. Minta kite semua para wanita dilindungi dan diperlihara from bad ordeal. Sentiasa berdoa untuk keselamatan kite & keluarga. Amin.

Anyway, moi just nak share kisah Dawn Jeremiah pasal pengalaman buruk dia yang almost threaten her own life. Moga kita semua boleh amik iktibar dan selalu berwaspada. Selalu alert dan do something to ensure that our daily life is secured enough. Even thou, ramai yg cakap malang tak berbau tapi tak salah kite put extra precaution kan? Always be alert to surrounding and avoid our self from being expose to the potential crime. So, ladies. Sila super berhati-hati ok. 

Copy paste from her notes in FB. Lets share.  

1st true story:

This was how it began. It was around 11:15pm on Monday, 25th June and my girl friends and I just finished watching the animated film “Brave” at Cineleisure at The Curve. As we went down the escalator, one of them named Carol said “Jo, you should teman Dawn back to her car and she can drop you back.” I, being my usual stubborn self, waved them off, saying, “Aiyo no need lah, I’ll be fine, you guys carry on.” And when Carol insisted, it struck me that we were in The Curve (where many crimes have been happening lately), and I immediately agreed with her.

So Joanne and I walked through the sliding glass doors out of Cineleisure, down the steps and took a right where the fountain was. The aim was to cross the street and get back to Ikano Power Centre, where my car was parked. This alleyway that we had to walk past wasn’t dark and it hardly looked menacing. But it was deserted; there was not a soul in sight. Nevertheless, we thought nothing of it, as neither of us felt anything amiss. So we walked and I began checking my phone messages and replying to them one by one.

As we reached the grass area where the Volkswagen showroom was, a skinny guy that seemed to be in his early 20s, quietly sneaked up from behind us. He waited for the right moment to attack, the moment Joanne had her head turned away from me. He roughly grabbed the strap of my handbag that was on my right shoulder, almost snatching it away. I screamed on top of my lungs and yanked my handbag back in the nick of time.

The impact from his pull made me fall on my knees to the grass and my phone that I was fiddling with fell on the ground too, together with my handbag. I was still screaming and yelled “HOI!” to the guy, but he continued to run towards the edge of the little roundabout and joined his friend, who was waiting for him on a motorcycle. They quickly sped off towards the Kota Damansara area. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see their faces, nor the registration number on their motorcycle.

I got up and checked my belongings to see if all was in order. Joanne pulled me to the side, so that we can get away from that place, just in case those snatch thieves came back. None of the security guards at The Curve came to us, despite my screams. They were obviously nowhere near where the incident took place.

Even a middle-aged man who drove past the moment I fell, stopped at the side of the road to see if everything was okay, which was very nice of him. He looked at us curiously and I explained what happened. He said “Tu la, tadi saya nampak ada orang cuba ragut.” (Yes, earlier I saw someone trying to snatch something away”) And we told him to just be wary and mindful.

We walked next door to Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel and asked the security guard on duty, if there was a safe, indoor passageway that we could use to access the carpark at Ikano. He seemed to be a foreigner and had trouble speaking and understanding both English and Malay, pointing to the direction of Ikano. After three attempts of asking, we gave up and proceeded to cross the street.

As we crossed and headed towards the ramp down to the basement parking area, we saw three men suspiciously walking towards our direction and proceeded to also walk down the ramp, just in front of us. Joanne and I seemed to read each other’s minds when we said, “Yeah let’s forget this and go through the main entrance” and turned back, walking up to where the drop off area was, by the sliding glass doors.

At last, we saw a security guard who was sitting at the entrance of Ikano Power Centre, doing nothing. I proceeded to politely ask him if he would open a small door for us to enter to access the P2 carpark. He refused, stating gruffly that the mall is already closed, “Tak boleh buka pintu, semua sudah tutup. Kalau you mahu masuk parking, you kena turun ikut jalan kereta” (“We cannot open any of the doors, all are closed already. If you want to enter the parking area, you need to go down the ramp like how all the cars enter”), pointing directly to the ramps which we just walked away from.

Joanne and I made several more attempts before Joanne added, “Kalau encik tak nak buka pintu, tak apa. Boleh tak encik teman kita sampai ke kereta?” (“Sir, if you don’t want to open the doors, it’s okay. But can you at least walk us to our car?”) The security guard gave me a bored and disgruntled look, and it became clear to us that we were a nuisance to his otherwise very peaceful and serene night.

Then I finally said “Encik, mintak tolong, saya baru hampir kena ragut kat depan sana tadi. Please please please tolong kami.”  (“Sir, please help us. I almost got robbed by a snatch thief and it happened right where you’re asking us to walk to. Please please please help us.”)

More disgruntled looks from the guard. He then slowly took out his walkie-talkie and started speaking in a foreign language to another guard, and then agreed to walk us to the carpark. As we walked down the ramp, he was trailing far behind us and we had to slow down several times so that he could keep up. We were walking at a normal pace.

After about 200 metres, he stopped and said, "Okay, you go now." We stopped on our tracks and were like, "Huh?? Can you just follow us to my car??" and he said "You go", told us that there would be another security guard around the bend to walk us directly to my car. We thanked him and proceeded further down. When we reached the bend, to our disappointment, there was nobody there. Although the car park was brightly lit, there were no security guards in sight as what the guard promised and there were only 5 cars parked in the vast space, within our range of sight. I proceeded quickly into my car while Joanne paid the parking ticket a few yards away. We then sped off from there to make a police report.

I'm not hurt, nor was anything taken. And for that, I'm super blessed and I thank my lucky stars. My hands were very shaky, yet I willed myself to drive properly to the police station at Damansara Utama, where the officers were nice and helpful. Even when I was drawing the map to explain where I was, my hands kept shaking. But I’m glad that it only came to that.

Things could have been much worse. The snatch thief could have been armed. He could have covered my nose and mouth with chloroform, or used a tazer gun against me. There could have been two or three, or ten of them. They could have waited until we got to our cars and robbed us there. Or they could have easily brought more of their friends to come back for us, as we were still walking by the street, wasting our time talking to those so-called “security guards”. The possibilities are endless.

You would think that despite the recent series of unfortunate incidents in shopping malls throughout the Klang Valley that at least one mall would step up to launch a safety awareness campaign and to take steps to raise their security levels. Not one has been doing it. 

Thanks to my friends; Carol Leong for insisting that Joanne Ho-Lee walks me back to my car and thanks to Joanne for being there with me throughout the entire ordeal and at the police station. Now I’m wary of leaving the house and as I drove home and saw families crossing the streets, I felt the urge of winding down my car window to tell them to be careful while they walk.

Thanks also to all my family members, close friends, acquaintances, colleagues, Twitter and Facebook friends and followers who have shown so much concern and care for my wellbeing. I will remember each and every one of the kind words on the phone, sms and sent online.

Dawn Jeremiah

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Coucher & Hoster :)

Hi & Salam bloggers,

Wah sungguh kegirangan sekali bila team Euro moi menang. Tak sia-sia la oi tukang beli jersey espanol sedekah jersey kat ahkak. Tengkiu pirlobob hahaha untungla :)

Last night match kul 2.30am harusla kena hadap depan projektor kedai makan sambil mengaum nasi parprik dgn additional lauk telur bungkus. Dasat bukan? Hahaha :) Pagi ahad plak ade aktiviti berdugong dgn geng vespa italia :P

Acara couch surfing bermula bile moi secara tetibe jadi co-host utk bob hosting our guest, Andrea Price. She's bob couch guest for the past years, cuma skrg ni bob busy with his wedding photography job so tugas mengentertain tetamu pas kat ahkak u ols :P

Sebaikla moi ni kaki jjcm + kaki ronda2 buang masa kan! Harusla tetamu sungguh berpuashati dgn khidmat yg diberikan hahaha :)

Ke hulu ke hilir moi bawak Andrea. Almost 13hrs kteorg nye berjimba xhengat donia. Sume shopping malls ahkak terjah. Dari area umh moi nye mall Curve - Ikano - Ikea smp ke mall baru kt KJ Paradigm pon we ols pegi. Bile blk umh harus dua2 terbongkang kepenatan. Hamek ko...penangan berjimba kaedahnye :D

Dah lama xpraktis casual speaking ala-ala londong kan...harusla excited lebey bercerita smp 18thn lps punye citer pon ado daaa hikhik :P

Meh kasi tempek gambar random kteorg bersengol sengal-sengalan :D 

1) Our so-called die hard Espania Fans Photoshoot

Booo Italia :P Bob si lalang :D

2) Besday Ad :) HBTY beb <3

3) Dugong Vs Duyung Vs Italian Vespa riders :P

Oorite. See ya next entry eh :) Nak qa'do my beauty sleep. Sejak demam euro ni, jerawat sebutir 2 3 naik atas hidungla hujung pipi la :( What a day to start off July thou :D