Friday, July 06, 2012

Marche Card Member's Day ( 7th - 8th July 2012 )

Marche Card member day is back! Awesomeness. Moi is such a friggin member who loves to drop by Marche for free beverage. Each and every time bile berjimba kt Curve without failed. Yup, sometime bile dh penat cuci mata kt flea market curve terus pegi terjah Marche for free drink...ohh boy im lovin it :P So yeah...this weekend there will be 30% Off discount for members only and in conjunction with this special member day, Marche is also launching the Marche Fresh Rewards program where members on this day get a free discount booklet (48 discount vouchers inside to enjoy). It's the biggest customer appreciation rewards program they ever launched since late Dec, 2004. After this, the booklet will be opened to the public with a spending of RM60 above in a single transaction. Lets get our ass to Marche :)


  1. Salam gorgeous! Saya follow sini (^____________^) Really wanna know u more better. Salam perkenalan.