Wednesday, December 05, 2012

BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale 2012

Paging all bookwormers,

Photo: Fans of Malay novels - get your fix with the Wolf too! >D Snap them up at our 63-hour opening blowout. Check it out at and SHARE far and wide!!

Moi is so looking forward for these thing to happen. Everyday save moolah in moi's piggie beary bank :D Anyhoots, let get ourself ready for the 3 millions ohh yes TIGA JUTA books that await us at the world's BIGGEST book sale at Mines Convention Centre, bangi starting this Friday, 7 Dec until 23 Dec yo :D 

And for special 63-hour-long opening starting 6.30am,7 Dec until 9.30pm,9 Dec, oh moi is so cant wait. Need to bring duit kepuk2 ok! Moi tell you what? its super freaking awesome cheap. Just bring RM50 you may ends up with berbuku-bukusss :P

This is the time for massive books hauling so lets be prepared.
Get prepare to set your aim for whats kind of books you want, set the budget (my weakness), set the strategy on how you want to browse in every single corner without missing any parts. 

*other tips: dont forget to bring yr own plastic bags, IKEA blue bags pretty much a good bags moi can relate off. What else? Oh wear something comfy oh phlease :) Light shirt, jean and flip flop or maybe wear something sporty because its gonna be sort of like book's marathon :P

Non-stop book shopping is totally no DREAM. 

Photo: Sweet dreams,'ll be seeing all my precious books v-e-e-e-r-y soon indeed! >) Keep watching us on Facebook for signs of what to the world's BIGGEST book sale! AH-WOOOOO!!!

Photo: I leave you for the night with a taste of my 3 million books, citizens...Share them around! You'll have a chance to see them up close at the world's BIGGEST book sale!! >D

For more info, kindly visit BBWB facebook HERE 

Picture credit to BBWB team. Bravo guys :)


  1. Ughhhh wish I could go!

    Anyway, congratulations for winning my blog giveaway! Please email me your mailing address at anaxjonessy(at) so that I can mail you the passes. x

    1. ohhh no :( maybe next year darls :)

      oh my...seriously...thanks babe...will email u right away :)

  2. Hello there dear,

    You have not emailed me your mailing address. (: