Thursday, February 06, 2014


Salam and hi lovelies,

Just nak shout out about moi's blog yang currently and forever akan corrupt ni. No idea mengapakah ini terjadi??? Oh my, to be honest it is sad to see my blog yang all of sudden semua images pon jadi corrupted and invisible. Apakah???

There is nothing much i can do over it so moi decide to create another blog

So, paging to all lovelies it is so appreciated if you may follow me there ye :) gigih memilih nama blog yang lebih tone down sesuay dengan peralihan umur moi ni ahaksss gitu!

In the mean while moi in the midst to compile semua blogs yang moi follow supaya aktiviti blog hopping akan terus diperjuangkan *yes, i do love mengkepochikan diri ke people's blog. Ianya sungguh therapeutic plus moi akan extract semua entries travelogue. In shaa allah jika rajin itu datang :D 

Oh, anyway its already February but it's not to late to wish all of you "Happy 2014"